Jess and Chad

Our Story

Jess and Chad met while studying design at the University of Cincinnati in 2009. They were in studio working late when Chad overheard this gorgeous young lady complaining about having to write her english paper. “I’m studying to be a designer; why do we need to write this stupid thing?!” Chad, a master soothsayer of the english language (and terrible writer), decided to approach Jess and offer his assistance. Jess will tell you he had a worse score in English that quarter, but that is likely because he cared more about her papers than his own. The jury is still out 🤷.

They chased each other back and forth throughout college, but when Jess returned from studying abroad in Japan and Chad from his job in New York, it appeared absence helped the heart grow fonder. They went on their first date to Abigail Street in Cincinnati and ended the evening enjoying cocktails and listening to live jazz at Japps. From that point on, they were finally officially inseparable.

When graduation was around the corner, Jess wanted to move out west so they started looking for jobs in California. After graduation, they moved to the city by the bay, San Francisco, to start their careers. Since then, they’ve been trying their hand at hiking, skiing, baking, running, enjoying the west coast, and traveling the world. Last October, on a long road trip to Vancouver, Chad proposed at their bed and breakfast in Victoria, BC.

They invite you to be a part of their next big adventure by attending their wedding celebration in Livermore, California on November 10th, 2018 at Wente Vineyards. Please RSVP and reserve your room (should you need accommodations) by October 9th.
Ariel Rutland